Position Summary

A Manager in the Tax Department ensures that high-quality work is delivered, customers are satisfied, and the department is profitable.


Tax Document Review

  • Conducts thorough reviews of the following work completed by colleagues:  Individual returns (Levels 2-4), Business returns (Level 3), Tax projections
  • Signs off on individual and business returns ensuring accuracy and professional appearance
  • For quality assurance purposes, conducts random reviews of the following work completed by colleagues:  Individual returns (Level 1), Business returns (Levels 1-2), Property tax returns, 1099s, Extensions, Quarterly returns, Deferred tax calculations, Fixed asset reconciliations, Intangible amortization schedules


Tax Document Preparation

  • Based on department staffing and workflow, may prepare more complicated individual and business returns


Tax Planning

  • Prepares and reviews tax projections for customers throughout the year and provides guidance regarding quarterly estimated tax payments and provides assurance to customers that they are aware of tax liabilities well ahead of April 15.
  • Keeps customers up to date on tax law changes and determines strategies for customers to take advantage of changes that will benefit them to minimize tax liability.
  • Provides customers guidance to ensure they are in federal and state tax compliance.
  • Stays up to date on state tax rules and nexus requirements to help ensure customers are in compliance with the states where business is being conducted.
  • Stays up to date with business and significant individual tax customers and provides tax planning throughout the year to help minimize tax liability.


Representation of Customers to Taxing Agencies

  • Represents customers in audits with various tax agencies.
  • Presents our understanding and position on issues to tax agencies whenever there are disagreements with taxing agencies.
  • Works on answering inquiries from taxing agencies by representing our position and the best interests of the firm’s customers.


Tax Compliance

  • Assists customers in other tax compliance matters as it relates to income, payroll and sales tax issues.


Tax Consulting

  • Counsels customers on tax strategy.
  • Ability to work on the tax aspects of specific transactions including the purchases and sales of business entities.
  • Prepares tax projections.
  • Meets with customers to discuss tax preparation, obtain appropriate information and present returns.
  • Works with other tax experts on specialized tax areas to benefit the customers (e.g., R&D, various tax credits, estate planning, etc.).

Division of review of work is approximately 35% work on individual related tax items and 65% on business related tax items.

Professional Development

  • Participates in internal and external training and informal learning activities in order to maintain up-to-date tax and accounting knowledge
  • Continually researches rules and trends in tax compliance and regulations
  • Keeps the firm up to date on changing tax rules and regulations and determines how they affect the firm’s customers and identifies planning opportunities


Department Leadership

  • Participates in activities related to growing the department and maximizing productivity and profitability


Customer Account Management

  • Monitors customer satisfaction
  • Manages any customer satisfaction issues that arise
  • Proactively identifies areas where Simons Bitzer can further help the customer and pursue provision of these additional services


Employee Management & Development

  • Participates in employee selection, especially of Associates and Accountants in the Tax Department
  • Leads hiring of Senior Accountants in the Tax Department and provides direct management and coaching of them, including providing onboarding and conducting performance evaluations
  • Leads professional development of Tax Department team members


Company Support

  • Participates in company meetings
  • Participates in strategic meetings as part of the management team
  • Participates in the company’s LinkedIn presence
  • Contributes ideas and feedback regarding company marketing efforts
  • Participates in marketing/sales activities as requested


Behavioral Competencies

  • Demonstration of strong customer service both internally and externally.
  • Maintains positive attitude toward customers, many of who are entrepreneurs, whose unique ability are running a successful business and not in understanding tax issues.
  • Demonstration of ability and has patience in explaining tax issues to customers.
  • Demonstration of utmost professionalism in appearance, communication and manner both internally and externally.
  • Demonstration of ethical, honest behavior at all times.
  • Demonstration of capacity to work independently with limited guidance from customers or colleagues.
  • Demonstration of commitment to continuous improvement internally and externally.
  • Demonstration of work/life balance and positive stress management.


Working conditions

  • Work at the Simons Bitzer office and customer sites
  • Must be available for customer consultation during standard office hours
  • Additional evening/weekend hours necessary January-April and some additional hours necessary throughout the remainder of the year, as necessary, to meet project deadlines and ensure outstanding customer service
  • Extensive work with other team members and customers
  • Extensive computer work



  • Education: Bachelor’s degree required and Certified Public Accountant
  • Experience: At least 6 years as a tax professional; public accounting experience desired
  • Technical Competencies: QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, UltraTax (preferred)
  • Soft Skills:  Ability to maintain positive relationships with customers and internal team

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