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Process Improvement & Internal Control

Knowledge is Power

We provide solutions for process improvement and financial controls by proactively identifying and analyzing policies, procedures, and methods to help your business thrive. By continually reassessing and enhancing business processes, your organization will be more productive, originative, and resilient.

Process Improvement & Financial Control Services

  • Institutional Improvements
    • Analyze Existing Processes
    • Recommend Quantifiable Changes
      • Technologies
      • Procedures
      • Rules
  • Cash Controls
    • Monitor
    • Test
    • Identify Questionable Activity
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
    • Assess Environment
    • Current and Future Regulations
    • Identify Structural Weaknesses
  • Limiting Loss
    • Identify Fraud Potential
    • Monitor IT Services
    • Expose Security Lapses
  • Employee Advocacy
    • Training
    • Compliance
    • Support

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"Simons Bitzer has been a true ally in the financial health and management of our firm. Simon's brings controls, accountability, fairness and compliance to our books and peace of mind to our owners."

–Eddie Pillow, Pillow Express Delivery

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