Where You can be You

It’s a fact.  Happy employees lead to happy and satisfied clients.

That’s why we provide an environment that ensures our professionals are happy.

Simons Bitzer respects and supports:

Work/Life Balance
Health and Wellness…and so much more!

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The Simons Bitzer Culture

Deadlines are just part of life in the accounting world, but that doesn’t mean you need to be chained to a desk 40 or more hours a week and dreading tax season like it’s the plague.

Whether you work from the office, a home-office or on-site with a customer, every member of the Simons Bitzer team is known for providing stellar service, accuracy, efficiency and timeliness.  You’re a grown-up, so you know how to dress for the occasion, behave with clients and manage your time.

During tax season, we can’t promise you won’t need to work more hours, and we may all need to work some Saturdays, but our goal is to make it as limited and painless as possible.  We’ll even see that you are well-fed and hydrated so you maintain your strength!