fair havenEvery year, thousands of people come to Indianapolis seeking care at one of the city’s excellent medical facilities.  Cancer, cardiovascular disease, organ transplants and high-risk pregnancies are just a few of the reasons people seek medical care in Indianapolis.  Many times, patients are in a financial bind due to their health situation and the medical costs combined with travel, long hotel stays, and everyday bills become overwhelming. This is where Fair Haven steps in to help.

Fair Haven was formed by cancer survivor, Amanda Milner.  The organization provides patients and their families with a free fully furnished apartment near the patient’s hospital.  Amanda recognized the needs of people first hand while working at Indiana University Health. “I saw patients who were traveling a long way, camping in the waiting room for days. Some maxed out their credit cards because they could not afford the gas and hotel,” she shared. These experiences led her to start this wonderful non-profit.

Fair Haven started in 2008 and quickly raised support to provide these services. To date, the eight apartments near IU Health and two apartments near Franciscan Health have provided 22,000 nights of lodging to 800 families.fair haven

Fair Haven has plans to open an apartment building near the downtown medical center that will accommodate 12 additional families each night and will have a large common area to host meals for families. Please consider making a donation at https://fairhavenfoundation.com/donate-now/

Simons Bitzer & Associates has been working with Amanda and Fair Haven since 2014. We have helped her prepare for audits, maintain her books and create Key Performance Indicator reports.  Amanda said, “We knew we needed to build a solid foundation for future growth. Simons Bitzer has been key in preparing us for growth, developing our KPI’s and walking us through an intensive financial review.  For us, working with Simons Bitzer has been essential for success.”

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