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Since 1995, Simons Bitzer & Associates has been an Indianapolis Accounting Firm providing innovative and practical solutions to even the most complex business challenges. Our consultant teams work hand-in-hand with customers to improve business performance and create a competitive advantage. By increasing the value of their business, we bring customers closer to their dreams and goals.

2018 Year-End Tax Planning Letter

The 2018 Year-End Tax Planning Letter is now available.  Below is a list of topics with clickable links:

Don’t Ignore These Money Saving Tax Ideas
3 Ways To Cut Business Taxes
5 Reasons Your 2018 Taxes May Cause You Drama
Does A Donor-Advised Fund Fit Your Giving Strategy


Click Here to access the entire 2018

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By |October 31, 2018|

5 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Home-Based Business

Some people dream of making it on their own while others consider self-employment because they’ve lost their seemingly stable jobs elsewhere.  Home-based work alternatives are becoming increasingly attractive as online marketing becomes easier and more accessible, and employees discover the advantages of telecommuting.

Before you quit your day job to run a business out of

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By |August 14, 2018|

Customer Spotlight: Mallow Run Winery & The Sycamore

If you hear the story about the beginning of the well-known Mallow Run Winery, you may think it sounds a lot like fate.

John Richardson grew up on the farm where the winery is now. He went to college and moved to the southern part of the state where he taught school for years. Once

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By |June 11, 2018|

6 Trade Secrets to Defeating Speaker Nerves

The trembling. The dry mouth. The dread. Anyone who has spoken in public knows what that feels like. But speaker nerves are more normal than you think. In fact, the only difference between pros and newcomers is that pros have learned to channel their nerves. You can defeat your speaker nerves. Here are six

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By |August 28, 2015|

Data Control

What would you do if you arrived at the office and you found files all over the floor and computers missing? The first call you would make is to the police, but as you wait for the police to arrive you realize you have client information missing. Your thought – how can I recover

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By |April 29, 2015|

Age Milestones Important In Your Personal Financial Planning

Article borrowed from LJI Wealth Management’s newsletter – We hope this finds you well. Last month, we outlined several year-end tax moves that could make a difference when you file your 2014 taxes by April. Along with delivering this month’s LJI Newsletter, this month we wanted to outline several age milestones which

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By |March 5, 2015|


Having spent the last ten years of my career in the recruiting industry and over 16 years in hiring, I am often asked by job seekers, “Why can’t I find a job?” or some variation of that topic. Surprisingly, it is some of the simplest things that job seekers consistently miss that cause them

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By |January 29, 2015|

Tip for Companies for Filing Form 1099-MISC

Business Reporting: Reporting on Form 1099-MISC is designed for businesses or individuals engaged in business, such as with a sole proprietorship. Individuals who are not engaging in an activity to make a profit are not required to file Form 1099-MISC for payments to independent contractors.

Required Thresholds for Filing: For royalty payments, the threshold is

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By |December 23, 2014|

Are You Self Employed?

Are you Self Employed ?

 Here are a few tips that may reduce your Taxable Income.

 Are you paying for health insurance? Dental? Long-term care? If you are self-employed, you may be able to deduct 100% of the cost of the premiums as an ‘above the line’ deduction. (Subject to restrictions.)

Have a home Office?  Regardless if

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By |December 9, 2014|

Tips for Part Time Employees

Recent job statistics indicate employers are using part-time workers to handle all variations in workload and for short-term projects. These tips below will be useful for you when hiring part-time workers.

* Communicate with the Employee. Explain in detail the person’s duties, the hours and benefits. Make sure this person’s supervisor is also very clearly

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By |December 9, 2014|