phishing scam warningA new phishing scam is targeting users of Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software.  Users should watch for emails with the subject line “QuickBooks Support:  Change Request”, which includes a claim that the business name has been changed and indicates that the recipient can cancel the request by clicking on a link within the email.  The link will, in reality, direct users to a site where malware is downloaded to their device allowing criminals to access passwords and other personal information.

Businesses are advised to be extremely cautious of links sent within emails and to put processes in place to make sure employees know who to contact before clicking links within these unexpected emails.  Taking precautions, such as hovering over a link to see where it leads and double checking the reply email address are always a good idea.

Criminals have become very skilled in making phishing emails look as though they are coming from a legitimate source.  Continue to use caution and stay informed.  Additional resources regarding ongoing tax scams, phishing scams and other consumer alerts can be found at

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