Christopher Norwood

Why Benchmark Your 401k?

The Department of Labor (DOL) wants you to benchmark your plan for reasonableness – at least every three years. A benchmark report helps during a DOL audit. Benchmarking will tell you: Who provides services to your plan, as well as the actual fees charged. (Third-Party Administrator, Record Keeper, Custodian, Plan Advisor, Investments). What services are […]

April 14, 2017|
Jason Saunders

A Tax Refund for You or an Interest Free Loan for the IRS?

Are you anticipating a big refund this year?  Since getting a large refund actually costs you money, you may want to do some tax planning each year in order to minimize the amount you get back. If you are among the millions of taxpayers who receive a refund each year it’s important to understand how […]

April 10, 2017|
David Winters

The Real Definition of “Dependent” May Surprise You

You may only think of a minor child who is living with you when you think of a “dependent”.  While this is true, you will want to remember that a dependent could also include children who do not live with you, a parent, or another relative. Definition of a dependent. Qualifying children or other relatives […]

March 6, 2017|
Jason Saunders

Tax Bracket, Tax Rate, What’s the Difference?

It’s not a trick question, there is a difference between your tax bracket and your tax rate.  Your tax rate indicates your tax liability in relation to your total income but for planning purposes, you will also want to be aware of your tax bracket.  As an example, to stay within the limits of a […]

January 31, 2017|
David Winters

New QuickBooks Phishing Scam Warnings

A new phishing scam is targeting users of Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software.  Users should watch for emails with the subject line “QuickBooks Support:  Change Request”, which includes a claim that the business name has been changed and indicates that the recipient can cancel the request by clicking on a link within the email.  The link […]

January 27, 2017|
Lisa Rollings

Economic Incentives You Do Not Want To Miss

There are State and Local Government economic incentives that are often missed by growing new businesses because they do not apply early enough.  Or companies think their project was not large enough or important enough to warrant said incentives. There are specific conditions and events that act as key triggers to help companies determine whether […]

January 26, 2017|
Lisa Rollings

Avoid Hiring Mistakes in Your Business

Making mistakes when staffing your business can turn out to be a disaster.  Consider the following three common errors before making any staffing decisions for your business. Bringing on friends and family to staff your business. In some instances, hiring friends or family may work out, but more often this strategy causes problems in the […]

January 10, 2017|
Lisa Rollings

Customer Spotlight – McGuire Scenic

Customer Spotlight: The Scene, Supporting the Show! Although their work is in the back ground, it truly makes the show. McGuire Scenic is an Indianapolis based scenery design company. Started in 1995, Laura Perlman and her husband Don McGuire dedicated their small business to Don’s father Lester who was a second-generation stage hand. They started […]

November 23, 2016|
Lisa Rollings

IRS Changes Deadline to File W-2 and 1099’s

Issue Number:    IR-2016-143 Reminder: Employers Face New Jan. 31 W-2 Filing Deadline; Some Refunds Delayed Until Feb. 15 IR-2016-143, Oct. 28, 2016 WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today reminded employers and small businesses of a new Jan. 31 filing deadline for Forms W-2. The IRS must also hold some refunds until Feb. 15. A new […]

November 3, 2016|
Lynn Greggs

Who’s On Your Team?

Financial decisions can be difficult and may affect both current and future tax bills so having a team of professional advisors ready to help can be a great advantage.  It is wise to make sure your advisors know each other and work well together to achieve the greatest benefit.  During your year-end tax planning coordinating […]

November 1, 2016|