When job-seekers hear the phrase “public accounting firm” it often results in dark images of 16-hour work days and 80-hour work weeks. It causes an adverse reaction and often leads to potential applicants fleeing for their lives! I know this because I felt the same way before beginning my public accounting career more than 4 years ago. I started my public career in a larger CPA firm and sure enough, some of my fears became my reality. To be fair, I never worked 80 hour weeks but there were stretches where it seemed like I knew more about my co-workers than I did my own family! My three-plus years definitely brought to reality some of the fears I had. That all changed in October 2013 when I began my role as Tax Manager at Simons Bitzer & Associates.
My role here at Simons Bitzer has brought to me a new and fresh experience in public accounting. Sure we have to work over-time, including some time on Saturday’s. But the hours were not what you might typically expect in this industry. In addition to that fact, Simons Bitzer has a very relaxed attitude and truly puts into action the work-life balance philosophy that other public firms and even some in private industry often lay claim to but don’t practice in reality. Without question, I spent much more time with my wife and two children in my first busy season at Simons Bitzer than I have in any of my previous busy seasons. My work-life balance was very reasonable and provided opportunities for me to attend my son’s basketball games through the week and on the weekends, and to spend quality time with our 1 year old daughter.
As a member of the Simons Bitzer team, I certainly have a responsibility to the role I was brought in to fill. However, have a culture that is conducive to success in both our personal life and in our career. I have never felt that I have to choose between my career and my family.
I can say unequivocally that if you’ve ever considered a career in public accounting, you will not be disappointed if you become a member of the Simons Bitzer team!

– David Winters, CPA


Simons Bitzer is not your typical accounting firm because it is not filled with typical accountants. Broad experiences in work and life as well as shared commitment to help our customers improve their businesses are really what sets us apart. The outgoing individuals and the team approach were what drew me to work here, and I believe, draw our customers as well.

– Lynn Greggs, Manager


I have worked in a lot of different office environments but the atmosphere at Simons Bitzer is the best in which I have ever worked. Even in the middle of a busy tax season, people work as a team to get things done. Everyone works together for a common goal. Greg is one of the most understanding owners for whom I have worked. He understands the importance of family and knows that there is more to your life than just your career. On the other hand, he is quick to reward his employees when they put in extra effort. When I first started at Simons Bitzer, I remember saying that it felt as if Greg read every book that was ever written about the “right” way to treat your employees and followed it to the letter.

– Robin Campbell, Office Manager


I’m proud to be a part of the Simons Bitzer team because open discussion and teamwork are not just encouraged; they are a real part of every work day. We are a goal oriented company and enjoy celebrating together when goals are attained. Work efforts are truly appreciated and rewarded. Finally, the owners have a strong commitment to high standards and are always working hard to improve.

– Kathy Hopkins, Manager