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February 2018

Center Grove Icon – Ask The Expert

May 2017

Indiana Business Journal 2017 Spotlight On Business In Indiana

May 2014

The Southside Times – Greg Simons has a hunger for volunteering and wants to pass it on to community

June 2013

The Southside Business Exchange-Helping you manage your finances-Simons Bitzer offers an array of business planning services

January 2013

Johnson County Business Leader – Greg Simons grows Simons Bitzer while making it his mission to give back to community and other entrepreneurs.

October 2012

Simons Bitzer finds success in more than just taxes

July 2012

United Way of Central Indiana Blog-How I Live United by Barb Bitzer, CPA

November 2011

CPA of the Year Award.

October 2011

Money Magazine-You can lower your tax bill, but move fast.

September 2011

CPA Advisor Magazine-Marketing Takes Center Stage

January 2010

Southside Business Exchange
Avoid Getting Ripped Off Through Your Books
Should Your Business be Doing Green Accounting

February 2010

Southside Business Exchange
Chamber Members Set Goals to Prosper in 2010

Business tax changes in the 2010 HIRE Act

Greenwood Chamber of Commerce to Explore
Group Health Insurance Program

Small Business Jobs Act of 2010