If you’re a successful business owner or planning to make that leap to start your own venture soon, you’ve likely become familiar with the art of making each move and decision count. Failure is not an option for you, and it’s not an option for Simons Bitzer and Associates either. We offer Indianapolis outsourced CFO services to those who need a helping hand with their finances. Often it doesn’t make sense for a company to hire a CFO full-time as their services will only be utilized on a need-to basis. We try to be as flexible as possible, and we take the time to get to know your business. No two companies are the same, which is why we learn about how you operate and what you do.

There are several ways we can implement smart and effective strategies into your business.

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– Jonathon Loo, CEO, Owner

Choose our Strategic Business Planning services if you need help:


    • Managing, Budgeting and Annual Financial Forecasts.
      Chances are there are both gaps and opportunities you’re missing.


    • Monitoring Key Performance Indicators.
      We can focus on what’s going well within your business and show you the trends so you can make smarter decisions in the future.


    • Systems and Processes Development.
      We’re not here to tell you how to run your business, only suggest a few tweaks so you can do things faster and more accurately.


    • S.W.O.T Analysis.
      Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats: it can really help to see it all neatly arranged before you. Keep them in mind before you make major choices.


    • Benchmarking Against Industry Standards.
      How you fare against your competitors and how can you use other’s techniques to your advantage.



For more information, Contact Lisa Rollings at 317.782.3070.

Business Finance Advisory

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– Tamara Goff, Owner

You can also choose our Indianapolis Outsourced CFO services which include:


    • Management of your Businesses’ Financial Infrastructure.
      Audit, treasury and accounting under one streamlined umbrella.


    • Planning and Implementation.
      Finance and business strategy suggestions, so you can continue to grow.


    • Cash Flow Management and Projections.
      We take the guess-work out of balancing and compiling the numbers.


    • Private Equity and Debt Financing Analysis.
      Understanding what you owe and what you’re worth.


    • Bank Financing and Investor Meeting Preparation.
      Analyzing all of your options to help you choose the bank & type of borrowing program that works best for your business. We can also prepare needed reporting for banks and/or possible investors.


    • Audit Preparation.
      Helping you know how to prepare for your audit and work with those who perform it.


    • Key Metric Benchmarking and Trend Analysis.
      Assistance in developing and interpreting metrics to show you exactly where your business is in terms of meeting established goals.


    • Accounting Software Selection and Implementation.
      Choosing the right system for both you and your staff and making sure everyone understands how to use it.


    • Financial and Operational Improvement Plans.
      Tips and tricks from our seasoned professionals.