Employees are both your business’s greatest asset and its greatest threat. They bring the skills and hard work that make your company successful, but they also have the potential to damage your company through incompetence, fraud, and outright theft.

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– Deb Walton, Chief Gifting Officer & CEO

To minimize the risk of employee misconduct Simons Bitzer & Associates provides Indianapolis Internal Audit & Fraud Prevention services, protecting your business through the following:


    • Institutional Improvements
      When auditing a company, it’s as or even more important to encourage what works as it is to discourage what doesn’t. Simons Bitzer & Associates begins each internal audit by examining the procedures and rules that already exist. We identify and encourage the policies that are working well, suggest improvements to fix policies that don’t work, and suggest new technologies, procedures, and rules to further improve the quality of internal controls.


    • Financial Focus
      Simons Bitzer & Associates recommends strict cash controls for all of our clients and performs testing to monitor those controls to ensure that no questionable conduct is taking place or was properly detected if attempted.


    • Reigning in Risks
      Some risk is necessary in any business, but your company should only expose itself to danger if you can reasonably expect to profit from it. Simons Bitzer & Associates performs comprehensive risk assessments for all of our clients. We examine the business environment, current and future regulations, and any structural weaknesses that may make your company more vulnerable. We then develop strategies to minimize these risks without limiting your potential for profit.


    • Limiting Loss
      One of Simons Bitzer & Associates’s most important duties as an Indianapolis Internal Audit & Fraud Prevention firm is to protect your business from potential losses. We identify areas of your business that may be sensitive to fraud or theft, and form relationships with key employees to help us detect potential risks. We also monitor your business’s IT services, helping you detect and resolve security issues both internal and external to your organization.


    • Engaging Employees
      Ultimately, the most effective weapon that an Indianapolis Internal Audit & Fraud Prevention program can have is the employees themselves. Simons Bitzer & Associates provides employees with the knowledge and support they need to identify and report fraud, whether internal or external, to the organization. We also run tests on employee compliance and other control operations, making sure that employees are making use of their opportunities to eliminate fraud. By bringing employees on board, we ensure that your organization can continue to detect and eliminate fraud in the long run.


In addition to Indianapolis Internal Audit & Fraud Prevention services, Simons Bitzer & Associates provides financial advice, tax planning, accounting, and a wide range of other services. To learn more about what we can offer your business, email us today or call Lisa Rollings at (317) 782-3070.