Staying ahead of complex and frequently changing tax laws can be a challenge. At Indianapolis Tax Accounting firm Simons Bitzer, we not only help our customers comply with ever-changing laws, we also help businesses and their owners plan for tax minimization on the local, state and federal level. We proactively advise our customers of planning opportunities and keep them informed of how changes in the laws will affect their tax situation.

Tax Compliance

When it comes to Indianapolis Tax Accounting, compliance is the number one priority. At Simons Bitzer, we help our customers ensure that they comply with all local, state and federal tax laws and regulations. We specialize in preparing and reviewing tax filings for businesses of any structure. From the most straightforward to the most complex return, the knowledge and experience of the Simons Bitzer team will provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your tax return will have been prepared properly.

Apple Tree Staffing
– Jonathon Loo, CEO, Owner

Our Indianapolis Tax Accounting & Compliance Services Include:

  • Corporate Tax Preparation
  • S-Corp Tax Preparation
  • Partnerships & LLCs
  • Individual Tax
  • Not-for-Profit

Tax Consulting 

If tax compliance is our top priority, tax planning is one of our great passions. We research and analyze each customer’s tax situation to provide tax projections and specific tax planning advice. The objective of our tax consultants is to create an overall plan for managing business and individual taxes together in order to preserve wealth. In addition, we advise on the legal structures of business entities in order to best match legal and tax planning needs.

Our Tax Consulting services include:

  • Compensation Planning for Pass-Through Entities
  • IRS & State Tax Dispute Representation
  • Multi-Level Tax Minimization Planning
  • Tax Projects & Year-End Planning
  • Individual and Corporate Tax Planning
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Merger & Acquisition Structuring


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