At Simons Bitzer & Associates, we offer many Indianapolis Financial Reporting & Analysis Services. We realize that the preparation of the annual audit for an organization can be a difficult process, especially if you don’t know where to start. Therefore, we do everything in our power to help our clients with this complex process. We will review your organization’s financial statements to ensure they are accurate. The annual audit requires a firm to supply a substantial amount of financial information. Accurate and organized financial statements will make it easier for your external auditing firm to complete the audit. With our advice and consulting, errors will be minimized and the annual audit will be completed in a timely manner. Often during this preparation process, we discover ways for your organization to improve efficiencies and minimize errors that we will share with you as part of this service.

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– Jonathon Loo, CEO

Indianapolis Financial Reporting & Analysis Services

Some of the services that our employees at Simons Bitzer & Associates offer include:

    • Detailed Schedules, Form 990 Requests by Audit Firm.
      Your external auditing firm will likely request detailed schedules and IRS Form 990. The Form 990 refers to the annual reporting return. We can handle fulfilling these requests for your organization so that your employees can focus on other, more vital tasks.


    • Support through Audit Fieldwork.
      The fieldwork is the second stage of the audit. The external auditing firm will send a small team to the organization’s physical location to perform the audit. Some of the procedures that the team will likely perform include interviewing employees, reviewing supporting documentation, identifying exceptions, and preparing written audit comments. We will offer support to your organization throughout the audit fieldwork process.


    • Variance Analysis for Revenue and Expense.
      We will investigate any deviations in your organization’s financial performances. The investigation will be based on the standards defined in your organization’s budget. The variance analysis will allow your organization to pinpoint the causes for variations in your organization’s revenue and expense. That way, your organization will be able to make changes to its methods and tactics accordingly¬†in order to¬†maximize revenue and reduce expense.


    • Completion of Items Requested by Audit Firm.
      We will work with your external auditing firm to ensure they receive all the information it needed to prepare the annual audit. Audit firms tend to request a substantial amount of information, which can be difficult for an organization to provide in a timely and efficient manner. Fortunately, you can leave it to the professionals to handle the completion of these items for your organization.


    • Account Reconciliations.
      In order to maintain the financial integrity of an organization, account reconciliations are a must. If the account reconciliation process is not taken seriously, it is easy for the balance sheet and financial close to be riddled with errors. Due to the SOX, a company will likely have to divulge a failure of controls if an auditor discovers a material error. Material weaknesses and material misstatements will also require a company to make a disclosure. Account reconciliations are a vital process to ensure an efficient financial close and the financial integrity of your organization.


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