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2018 Year-End Tax Planning Letter

The 2018 Year-End Tax Planning Letter is now available.  Below is a list of topics with clickable links:

Don’t Ignore These Money Saving Tax Ideas
3 Ways To Cut Business Taxes
5 Reasons Your 2018 Taxes May Cause You Drama
Does A Donor-Advised Fund Fit Your Giving Strategy


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By |October 31, 2018|

Want to Give this Year? Here’s What You Need to Know.

As the year is coming to an end, are you making plans to give?  You could trim both your estate and income taxes with annual giving.  There is an annual exclusion for gifts that allows you to give $14,000 annually to any number of recipients without paying federal gift tax.  Gift splitting allows married

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By |December 11, 2017|

A Tax Refund for You or an Interest Free Loan for the IRS?

Are you anticipating a big refund this year?  Since getting a large refund actually costs you money, you may want to do some tax planning each year in order to minimize the amount you get back.

If you are among the millions of taxpayers who receive a refund each year it’s important to understand how

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By |April 10, 2017|

Tax Bracket, Tax Rate, What’s the Difference?

It’s not a trick question, there is a difference between your tax bracket and your tax rate.  Your tax rate indicates your tax liability in relation to your total income but for planning purposes, you will also want to be aware of your tax bracket.  As an example, to stay within the limits of

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By |January 31, 2017|

Who’s On Your Team?

Financial decisions can be difficult and may affect both current and future tax bills so having a team of professional advisors ready to help can be a great advantage.  It is wise to make sure your advisors know each other and work well together to achieve the greatest benefit.  During your year-end tax planning

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By |November 1, 2016|

A Quick Recordkeeping Guide

Do you have an overflowing file cabinet?  Are you unsure of what to keep and what to dispose of when it comes to tax information?  Work through the clutter with this quick guide.

Expenses – Charitable donation acknowledgements, receipts for employee business expenses, and automobile mileage logs are all needed for verification of deductions.  You

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By |June 30, 2016|

Update Your W-4 to Adjust Your Withholding

If you received a big tax refund or owed a lot of money to the IRS for 2015 taxes it may be time to update your Form W-4 with your employer.  Form W-4 is the Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate which tells your employer how to calculate your federal income tax withholding and you should

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By |April 5, 2016|

Postpone Taxes with this Strategy

Looking for some great business tax strategies? Business owners and real estate investors who want to sell property and acquire similar property at about the same time can benefit from a tax break called a like-kind or tax-deferred exchange which is a valuable tax-saving opportunity provided by the tax law. You can postpone some

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By |August 25, 2015|

The Affordable Care Act: What To Expect Next

As of  mid-July, we are currently sitting in health insurance “limbo.”  The initial roll out of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is over. The 2015 open enrollment is a few months away and all is quiet on the insurance home front.   During this intermission, I thought it might be a good

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By |September 8, 2014|

Swap properties to postpone taxes

Postpone taxes by swapping real estate instead of selling it.
By |May 20, 2013|