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Conquer Your Financial Clutter

Being unorganized, especially when it comes to finances, can equal disaster.  With so many items to keep track of, financial records are notorious for being scattered.  It’s easy to tuck away bills, paycheck stubs, bank statements and other paperwork at random.  Now is the time to get your financial paperwork well organized.

Put all your

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By |January 2, 2018|

How Much Do You Need to Retire?

According to the National Institute on Retirement Security, nearly half (45 percent) of working-age households don’t have any retirement assets. With less than one year’s worth of their annual salary in retirement savings, nearly two-thirds of those working-age households close to retirement (age 55 and older) are not well prepared.

To retire comfortably, how much

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By |August 11, 2017|

Graduation – The Time to Put Documents in Place

The time is fast approaching when many young adults leave the nest and head for college. But, just as the famous American Express commercial cautions consumers not to “leave home without it”, referring to a credit card, at Geyer & Associates we caution students not to leave home without first putting two important estate planning

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Considering Paying for Your Child’s College Education?

Paying for a college education can be intimidating for both the college student and the parents, especially with rising costs.  When deciding whether the parents or the child should take on this responsibility consider the compelling arguments for both sides.  Ultimately, you need to determine what will work best for your family’s financial situation

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Why Benchmark Your 401k?

The Department of Labor (DOL) wants you to benchmark your plan for reasonableness – at least every three years. A benchmark report helps during a DOL audit.

Benchmarking will tell you:

Who provides services to your plan, as well as the actual fees charged. (Third-Party Administrator, Record Keeper, Custodian, Plan Advisor, Investments).
What services are

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Who’s On Your Team?

Financial decisions can be difficult and may affect both current and future tax bills so having a team of professional advisors ready to help can be a great advantage.  It is wise to make sure your advisors know each other and work well together to achieve the greatest benefit.  During your year-end tax planning

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Take Precautions to Avoid Gift Card Fraud

When shopping for friends and loved ones during the holidays, gift cards are often a convenient option.  According to a public service announcement issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation they also give thieves an opportunity to make off with your money.

Here are some tips on how you can avoid gift card scams and

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Easy Steps To Get Your Finances Organized

As we head toward the end of the year, when life can become even busier than the norm, thinking about organizing our finances can seem overwhelming. Some of your important papers may have fallen under the desk, be found in a book somewhere on a shelf, or underneath the holiday preparations. Here are four

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