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Customer Spotlight: Fair Haven Foundation

Every year, thousands of people come to Indianapolis seeking care at one of the city’s excellent medical facilities.  Cancer, cardiovascular disease, organ transplants and high-risk pregnancies are just a few of the reasons people seek medical care in Indianapolis.  Many times, patients are in a financial bind due to their health situation and the

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Customer Spotlight – ArtMix

ArtMix (formerly VSA) has been a part of the Indianapolis community for over 35 years.  Gayle and David Foy had a vision of providing a way for Indiana children with disabilities to not be isolated in the school system.  They adopted a model from a program via the John F Kennedy Center which was

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Customer Spotlight – McGuire Scenic

Customer Spotlight:

The Scene, Supporting the Show!

Although their work is in the back ground, it truly makes the show. McGuire Scenic is an Indianapolis based scenery design company. Started in 1995, Laura Perlman and her husband Don McGuire dedicated their small business to Don’s father Lester who was a second-generation stage hand. They started with

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Online Customer Service is Important

Excellent customer service is critical for any business, but challenges arise when dealing with customer complaints over the internet.  Take the following suggestions into consideration when responding to a customer complaint via email, social media or other online venues.

Be honest. The anonymity of online communication makes it easier for customers to react with less

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Good Communication Keeps Your Customers Happy

Attracting new customers requires a great deal of effort so you want to keep them as long as possible once you’ve attained them.  One thing that can help keep your customers happy is good communication.  You will want to keep your customer in mind at each stage of the relationship and let them know

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5 Tips to Build Client Loyalty This Holiday Season

1. Make a list of all the clients for whom you need to buy gifts. Look for gifts you can buy for multiple people and one store where you can buy these gifts. If you don’t like shopping, plan a single gift-shopping day and do it sooner rather than later to avoid the holiday

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