Cash Flow Budgeting

Check your 2013 tax withholding

If you have a sizable refund of your 2012 taxes, it may be time for you to check your withholding. After all, when you overpay your taxes, you’re making an interest-free loan to the government.
By |May 6, 2013|

Don't treat the IRS as your banker

When cash flow is tight, you may be tempted to pay your suppliers first and your payroll taxes last. The IRS will take steps to minimize the liability as quickly as possible. They also have a powerful weapon available to collect such taxes. Whether or not you own the company, you could be determined

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By |April 18, 2013|

When to start drawing social security is an important decision

Over the coming years, millions of baby boomers will reach age 62, the minimum threshold for receiving social security retirement benefits. If recent history is any indication, most of these people (over 70% by some estimates) will take their benefits as early as possible.

But whether you should take social security retirement benefits at the

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By |February 25, 2013|

Don't let "sunk costs" lead to poor decisions

Emotions add zest to life. They propel us to our feet when our favorite running back scores a touchdown. They warm us at an inspirational concert or movie. But in the realm of business, emotions sometimes hinder good choices. In fact, business owners and managers often let emotions dominate the decision-making process.

This is especially

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