As Simons Bitzer celebrates being in business for 21 years, we are excited about our current opportunities as well as what lies ahead for our firm. We have been adding top notch business customers that provide more complex opportunities for members of our accounting and tax teams as well as high net worth family offices that add a variety of exciting work. We recently completed our updated strategic and branding plan and are excited about the upcoming initiatives and opportunities in each of these areas. We are finding a great deal of opportunity in the family office area, especially, and see a lot of great things in front of us by offering this unique type of service.

To take advantage of these opportunities, we are looking for top notch talent, including but not limited to accountants and tax specialists at all levels (staff, senior and manager). We are looking for team members with little to many years of experience, to join our team, as well as people who truly care about the success of our customers. Prior public accounting experience is a plus, but not necessary and very little travel is required.

At Simons Bitzer, we value the unique contributions of each person on our team and offer challenges and professional growth that mold us into more than just accountants and tax specialists, but into solid business experts. As a member of both Strategic Coach and trueU, we have a number of tools and resources we utilize in making every member of our team a good leader. Our firm is also very involved in many different types of community outreach projects and we provide an opportunity for everyone to contribute to this, as well.

If you know of anyone, ranging from people available on a part time basis to those who are just looking for every day challenges or would like to be a principal in the firm one day, and would welcome a change, we would appreciate any introductions or information on these people. If this description fits you, by all means submit your resume to my HR Assistant Jennifer Ellis

If you have any further questions about any specific positions we are looking to hire for or about our firm in general, feel free to contact me.

I appreciate your time and thank you in advance for sending any potential good candidates to us.

Thank you.

Greg Simons, Principal and Founder