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About Lisa Rollings

Lisa comes to us from a local payroll company where she had partnered with Simons Bitzer & Associates. Much of her experience is in marketing and sales for the student loan industry. She is responsible for all referral partnerships, social media, advertising & all print materials. She also focuses on developing existing customer relationships. Lisa is a natural people person who assists us in securing great relationships with our customers and partners.

Customer Spotlight: Fair Haven Foundation

Every year, thousands of people come to Indianapolis seeking care at one of the city’s excellent medical facilities.  Cancer, cardiovascular disease, organ transplants and high-risk pregnancies are just a few of the reasons people seek medical care in Indianapolis.  Many times, patients are in a financial bind due to their health situation and the

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Customer Spotlight: AppleTree Staffing

AppleTree Staffing is a boutique staffing agency located in Greenwood, Indiana. Jonathan and Jennifer Loo started the company more than 8 years ago. They operate as a contract-to-hire placement agency with a focus on working with companies who know how to treat and appreciate their employees. Market level pay and growth opportunities are key

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Considering Paying for Your Child’s College Education?

Paying for a college education can be intimidating for both the college student and the parents, especially with rising costs.  When deciding whether the parents or the child should take on this responsibility consider the compelling arguments for both sides.  Ultimately, you need to determine what will work best for your family’s financial situation

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Customer Spotlight – ArtMix

ArtMix (formerly VSA) has been a part of the Indianapolis community for over 35 years.  Gayle and David Foy had a vision of providing a way for Indiana children with disabilities to not be isolated in the school system.  They adopted a model from a program via the John F Kennedy Center which was

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Economic Incentives You Do Not Want To Miss

There are State and Local Government economic incentives that are often missed by growing new businesses because they do not apply early enough.  Or companies think their project was not large enough or important enough to warrant said incentives.

There are specific conditions and events that act as key triggers to help companies determine whether

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Avoid Hiring Mistakes in Your Business

Making mistakes when staffing your business can turn out to be a disaster.  Consider the following three common errors before making any staffing decisions for your business.

Bringing on friends and family to staff your business. In some instances, hiring friends or family may work out, but more often this strategy causes problems in

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Customer Spotlight – McGuire Scenic

Customer Spotlight:

The Scene, Supporting the Show!

Although their work is in the back ground, it truly makes the show. McGuire Scenic is an Indianapolis based scenery design company. Started in 1995, Laura Perlman and her husband Don McGuire dedicated their small business to Don’s father Lester who was a second-generation stage hand. They started with

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IRS Changes Deadline to File W-2 and 1099’s

Issue Number:    IR-2016-143
Reminder: Employers Face New Jan. 31 W-2 Filing Deadline; Some Refunds Delayed Until Feb. 15

IR-2016-143, Oct. 28, 2016

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today reminded employers and small businesses of a new Jan. 31 filing deadline for Forms W-2. The IRS must also hold some refunds until Feb. 15.

A new federal law, aimed

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7 Reasons Why a Smaller CPA Firm is a Great Place to Work

Public Accounting often gets a bad rap. In some situations it is warranted. However, do not dismiss working at a public accounting firm just yet. There is a major difference between a large public CPA firm and a small public CPA firm. Here are 7 reasons why a small CPA Firm is a GREAT place

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Online Customer Service is Important

Excellent customer service is critical for any business, but challenges arise when dealing with customer complaints over the internet.  Take the following suggestions into consideration when responding to a customer complaint via email, social media or other online venues.

Be honest. The anonymity of online communication makes it easier for customers to react with less

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