Simons Bitzer and Associates provides twenty years of experience in accounting and strategic business advising. Over that time, we have developed the knowledge and skills necessary to provide our customers with what they need. But the needs of our customers are ever changing, so two of our firm’s top priorities are growth and adaptation in order to give our customers what they want and need to better their businesses. In order to meet these needs, we strive to strengthen our team by adding the most hardworking and honest candidates, those who are upfront and eager to  manage the expectations of our customers ethically. Just like our customers are rewarded by our award winning service, those who work at Simons Bitzer & Associates are rewarded as well. We provide employees with a flexible, family friendly work environment that appreciates their efforts and rewards those who follow the philosophies of our firm. Work life balance is encouraged to be a top priority with our team.


While our yearly salaries are competitive, Simons Bitzer also offers health, vision and life insurance coverage to employees. We also award hard work by providing employees with paid holidays, paid time-off and matching contributions to a Simple Plan retirement program.

Team Activity

Simons Bitzer knows that in order for our employees to perform to the best of their ability, they should enjoy coming into the office everyday. We also believe that a team that plays together stays together. That’s why we offer our employees frequent opportunities to spend time together outside the office. Whether they are enjoying a night at the comedy club or coming together to serve one of our Indianapolis based charities, the time spent outside of our office is a great way for our team to strengthen their bond and their commitment to our firm.


Being part of a company that values and invests in its team members sets Simons Bitzer apart from many businesses today. We are proud to offer our employees access to the services of trueU, an organization that prides itself on the individual in order to foster both professional and personal growth. See more about trueU at